We use Tea Tree Lycon Wax and Hot Wax in our grooming treatments. This wax ideal for all types of skin including sensitive skin and the tea tree oil helps to reduce redness after waxing. The finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients nurture the skin - leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair free.

We recommend you to exfoliate one day before your booking and advise that you do not apply body lotion on the day of your treatment.

Eyebrow Shaping

£6 (Hot Wax)

Lip & Chin

£8 (Hot Wax)

Full Face

£25 (Hot Wax)


£8 (Strip Wax) 

£10 (Hot Wax)

Full Leg

£25 (Strip Wax)

Half Leg

£15 (Strip Wax)

3/4 Leg

£18 (Strip Wax)

Full Arm

£20 (Strip Wax)

1/2 Leg & Bikini Line

£25 (Strip Wax)

Full Leg & Bikini Line

£30 (Strip Wax)

Bikini Brazillian

£25 (Strip Wax)

£28 (Hot Wax)

Bikini Hollywood

£35 (Strip Wax)

£45 (Hot Wax)

Full Back

£25 (Strip Wax)

1/2 Leg, Bikini & Underarm

£35 (Strip Wax)

Full Leg & Hollywood

£60 (Strip Wax)